PortableApps.com Hits 100 Million Portable Apps Downloaded

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 29, 2009 - 1:15pm

100,000,000PortableApps.com has hit the 100 million portable apps downloaded milestone. That's 100,000,000 portable apps served to millions of users in nearly 60 languages all over the world.

The 100 million download milestone came soon after PortableApps.com's big win at the 2009 SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards. The millions of users using software from PortableApps.com definitely contributed to our win!

All of the 100 million portable apps served from PortableApps.com were of open source software which runs on our open source, free, open platform that runs from any removable drive. With no vendor lock-in, users are free to use the software anywhere, on the devices they want, the way they want.

In the coming weeks, PortableApps.com's tools will be made available to freeware and commercial software publishers to publish their apps in PortableApps.com Format making the platform a truly universal solution for every software and hardware vendor. Interested vendors are encouraged to contact PortableApps.com for more details.

We'd like to thank our developers, our translators, our forum moderators, our users, our advocates, our fans and everyone else who helped make this milestone possible...


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Of Course It got this...Such an exquisite piece of software certainly would have got this! Smile

"For in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil must give us pause"

Very well done, and congratulations to all of the developers and contributors to the portable applications and packaging systems.

The portable concept has revolutionised my whole usage of applications, in so much as I no longer need to be tied to a single computer for the use of my favourite free programs. I move, and the apps come with me.


For that alone, I think any award is deserved of this project. So, well done on the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards wins too.

Here's to the next milestone - 200 Million DLs!!!

that alone is a dang fact... i cant believe i used to claim to be a geek and i had not even known of such a wonderful concept such as this, i am now forever in the debt of the programmers and designers of these applications and this service...thank you and keep up the great work

please and thank you...

Congrats to all involved in the development and packaging of the PortableApps platform and apps!

Let's continue to the 200 Million mark.

Back in school i used to think
one more letter to go
to be an engineer

well lets see how many
fans, users and people
get these portable apps
and are able to say
you are really great!

Please stop!

If I have to celebrate 1 more thing I won't be able to drive home Wink

Well done!

I think the community, or at least I am, only now starting to realise how much support you have around the world!

Thanks again and good luck!


Long Live The PortableApps.com! Congrats from simple russians :).

sorry for my english...

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This is Truly Epic!
Congrats PortableApps! July is really your thing this month!

I only recently discovered portableapps.com and I'm sooo excited. It solves so many problems from - constantly having to reinstall windows when it ceases to function due to registry problems and conflicts, to - clearing my pc's of pirated software. It's such a relief to be back in the freeware/opensource fold minus the constant software testing!
PortableApps.com absolutely Rocks!

Good job Portable apps!

This 100 million downloads is the proof that portable apps is now very popular! When I discovered your site, I told my friends about these apps and they downloaded a couple of them! You guys are great!

About that special freeware for creating portable apps formats, will it have some functions to transform an open source app into a freeware of portable apps format (a simpler way to create a portable apps format than following the tutorial in the forum)?


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Next stop: One billion. Sorry. But you gotta hand it to Firefox there.

//edit: It's a month old, but did you guys catch SourceForge naming the PA.com Suite as its four billionth download? That's pretty hot, too.

Seriously though, to help PA get there, tell your friends about PA. Get them interested. Got a friend, family member, co-worker, whomever, with a birthday coming up? Flash drives are cheap. Get them the latest Platform and the apps you know they would want and would use. You can even tweak them.

For Firefox, disable automatic updating of Firefox. Configure Firefox to use the proxy, if they're a fellow student or co-worker. Put Adblock Plus on it. Add search engines like YouTube and IMDb.

If you included VLC, get that free movie Big Buck Bunny VLC advertises. Look up some free music (be sure to check for permission from the copyright owner, of course) and throw that on there, too.

Theme the menu and put a personalized picture on there. Make them a wallpaper (one guy I know plays Rock Band, I used the tools on rockband.com to make a wallpaper with his character - he loves it) and set up the Platform to use it.

Because every person you convert will most likely tell at least one other person...

Thanks for PortableApps.

It's a great idea.

The portable lifestyle of computing Smile

greetings to all developers,

Moe Wink

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I looked on sourceforge, and as of October 7, 2009, 4:48 EST, after checking the all time top downloads list, it say PortableApps has exactly 52,409,013 downloads. Although that is still very impressive, I'd like to know where the other 47,590,987 downloads came from.

Simplifying daily life through technology

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We don't count the source or add-on downloads (the SourceForge numbers include those). We add in the app downloads from the discontinued multiple other SF projects we used to use (you'll find the projects from Firefox, Thunderbird, Gaim, OpenOffice.org, etc on SF from before we combined them all).

The Suite download is multiple apps, so each one of those apps gets a download count if someone downloads the Suite or Suite Light. Users who don't want the apps can just download the Platform (which is listed before the Suite), so users who pick the Suite or Suite Light are choosing to download those apps. And none of our Suites are shovelware suites with lots and lots of duplicate apps and utilities no one will use just to say it's '100+ apps!'... which would make the app download numbers useless.

We also don't count the backup utility or the platform menu as app downloads, so downloading the Platform counts as a zero in terms of apps downloaded.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Thats alot of downloads and u guys deserve it. Thx

Really well done and warm congratulations to all of the developers and contributors to the PA and PS.