New: IObit Uninstaller Portable 1.1 (uninstaller and cleaner) Released

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Submitted by Pyromaniac on January 26, 2011 - 11:52pm

logoIObit Uninstaller Portable 1.1 has been released. IObit Uninstaller helps you uninstall and remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer fast and easily. Where the built-in and sluggish "Windows Add or Remove Programs" option fails, IObit Uninstaller works as always and picks up the slack. It's packaged in Format so it can easily integrate with the Suite. It's freeware for personal and business use.

Read on for more details...

IObit Uninstaller is packaged for portable use with permission from IObit Platform 2.0 Beta 5 users who already have this app installed, simply click 'Check for Updates' in your PA.c Menu to update to the latest version.



  • Batch Uninstall - Uninstall several applications so easily with just one click.
  • Standard and Advanced Uninstall - While Standard Uninstall works as the Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs function, Advanced Uninstall function helps you scan Windows registry and hard drive for any possible installation leftovers.
  • 1-Click Toolbars Removal - Annoyed by so many toolbars in your system? Here's the simplest and fastest solution.
  • Forced Uninstall - Even a program is not listed in Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs, this feature still can help you automatically find the program's leftovers and traces in your system and remove them completely.
  • Log Manager and Restoration - Easily view what has been changed by IObit Uninstaller. Every time an "Advanced Uninstall" is performed, a restore point image will be automatically set for possible future system restoration.

Learn more about IObit Uninstaller... Installer / Format

IObit Uninstaller Portable is packaged in a Installer so it will automatically detect an existing installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it's in Format, so it automatically works with the Suite including the Menu and Backup Utility.


IObit Uninstaller Portable is available for immediate download from the IObit Uninstaller Portable homepage. Get it today!

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Sure, we cannot have anything better than Revo currently

Question is:

IOBIT is one of the companies abandoned for good by many users all over the world, because of stealing signatures from Malwarebytes

Therefore it's one of the companies that cannot be trusted anymore

Who is using RealPlayer or ASK-search/Toolbar nowadays ??? .... only people who are less experienced and not aware of "issues"
Those who are in touch will use "RealAlternative"... and avoid any appearance of "Ask" in any context Smile ... and so on - there are many other & similar examples

Why such respectful site as this one would ever suggest using any Software by the company that disgracefully broke the ethics?

That was very surprising and questionable "addition" speaking (softly & diplomatically) to Portable Applications


Portable Apps has gained a highly credible name by offering a create solution to the portable problem with high quality open source products being converted.

I urge you to keep up the great work and for the sake of one application I would certainly remove it to maintain that great reputation.

Anyways: whats the point of a portable uninstaller when the whole point of portable apps is to keep the workflow separate from the PC.

I think most people now are using portable apps in place of installed apps. I only install Firefox, Thunderbird, and VLC and Flash Players to keep the registry happy. So these portable utilities are very welcome to me, as long as they are in good standing. Otherwise, there is no point taking the time to install programs that don't need permanent registry entries.

I have known a lot of people who have made mistakes in the past and to this day have never stood up and admitted that they have. IOBIT has admitted that they did make an "Error" in judgment more than a year ago and have promised it will never happen again. So, unless someone has never made a mistake, can walk on water, has never told a lie or at the very least has openly admitted to all of their sins, I'm thinking if we want people to forgive us, perhaps we too should learn to forgive.

This is especially true when it comes to a Superior Product like the Advance System Care and Advance System Care 360. Like most of us, I started using these products a few years ago and become introduced to them through the "FREE" versions. I was impressed enough with ASC that shortly thereafter I also loaded the 360 Internet program. With the "FREE" versions, many of the features must be accessed manually. Never one to admit that I am lazy, let's just say my time is valuable, I decided to purchase these products so I could automatically run these programs as a load and basically forget them. No matter what I do, if my system is idle for more than 30 minutes, Advance System Care automatically will start to do its thing in the background freeing me to do my thing simultaneously. The 360 is on anytime I go on-line and has proven itself to be on-top-of-all-interests for me.

In my humble opinion, I should think every computer manufacturer would want their computers loaded with Advance System Care, but that might just extend the life and usability of their products which might not be financially sound for them. Simply put, they want these things (computers) to only last a few years yet we argue the integrity of one brand over another, don't we.

Look, I'm not going to defend what IOBIT did...there is no defense, but because I still love to see the excitement in my young son's eyes at Christmas, I'm willing to tell him there is a Santa Claus even though I know better, or at least think I do. What I can defend is that the Advance System Care is a superior product and one I encourage all of my friends to try with the advice that if they like the "FREE" version as much as I did, it is a product you don't have to be afraid to BUY and at $19.99, what a bargain it is.

To clarify, I am in no way affiliated with the IOBIT Company, other than as a customer. I live and work in Arizona and I am completely happy with the products I have used and purchased from this company. we can trust that IOBIT has paid a high price for their mistakes and more importantly, they've owned those mistakes which gives cause for that proverbial "SECOND CHANCE". The one's complaining the loudest are usually aligned with the one's making a substandard product. That old Business School logic...if you can't beat them honestly...lie!

I use Advance System Care and Advance System Care 360 on my 3 home computers and all of the computers in my offices. Now, if we want to talk about McAffe and YAHOO, you would get no argument from me. Putting YAHOO on one of my office computers is an offense that can cost jobs. Thanks! I'm TerryDee


No Santa Claus? What next you going to tell me no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy?


“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

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I was unfamiliar with the above scenario. We do not currently make the referenced 360 software available nor have an immediate plan to. We made Smart Defrag, also from IObit and also packaged by Pyromaniac, available a while ago and no one had mentioned it then. I'll look into this matter further.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Just jumping in to request your take on things once you've looked into the matter.

Thanks. Advocate

I'm sure you don't use ANY Microsoft products. BTW what OS do you use to run your PortableApps?


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Thanks for the background information guys. I definitely won't be downloading/using this software now.

Cancer Survivors -- Remember the fight, celebrate the victory!
Help control the rugrat population -- have yourself spayed or neutered!

I also decided not to download the uninstaller and removed Smart Defrag.

No typin th las lette ca sav yo plent o spac

Hey Promaniac, thx for your introducing this uninstaller tool to us. I have tried, it is easy to control and working fast to me. I think this tool is good also.

By the way, I have seen guys' negative comments on this MalwareBytes issue so many times. I've no idea that why there are so many guys still focus on the past issues.

People are liable to make mistakes, and the cost leads us to find the right way. I think IObit deserves a chance to correct their behavior. And I should admit that IObit products are really good and available for all.

Even so, it's too easy to create its reputation having a bad behaviour and after that say "Oh sorry but we have changed".
During this time, people are trying to make their reputation following the rules and sometimes don't get it.
Is it fair ?

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A stolen plasma-screen TV's quality might be awesome but that doesn't make it right. They may well have cleaned up their act now but that's probably because all of the unwanted media attention and the fact that they got caught with their pants down. I'm not suggesting we boycott all IOBit products now and forever more, but if I'm given the choice between an IOBit product and an alternative, reputable source then I'll take the latter. We're not talking about some naughty school child that that took an extra cookie out of the jar. This is literally and metaphorically criminal behavior. This new information definitely tarnishes my view of IOBit, and brings their integrity into question.

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It's not like I'm swearing on my life never to install or use a product of IOBit because they have something bad in their history, but if there is a perfectly go alternative that isn't made by a company with that kind of history (e.g. RevoUninstaller) I'm going to stick with that one instead.

Edit: RevoUninstaller just became an official PortableApp while I was typing.
[*changes url in link*]


I remember when Microsoft was just a company with 2 employees, Bill Gates and Steve Job. I remember when they split. I remember when Windows 3.1 was around, and then came Win95....everyone in the industry accused Gates of stealing Jobs GUI but life went on and no one boycotted Microsoft. Then I remember Microsoft Java but along came Sun Case in point is this Right, wrong, Guilty not guilty eventually the public will decide what is acceptable or not. People make mistakes? Yup whether intentional or not. Freedom allows people to decide, freedom gives you choices. PortableApps is a messenger that provides freedom, you the user decides what you want and what you do not want. Make your decision based on your needs and morals, not on everyone else's. But remember without the ability to make choices and only use one thing is akin to a dictatorship.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss

I'm perfectly happy using RevoUninstaller but it's good to have choice, and I'm not going to tell other people they can't use IOBit Uninstaller just because I'm not using it, and maybe sometime I'll find myself using IOBit Uninstaller instead, who knows.

So yeah, Choice is good, and as long as IOBit hasn't stolen anyone's software since, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and not suggest taking down the official release of IOBit Uninstaller Portable. If they decide to do it again, then maybe it will be a good idea to discontinue's release of their software, but I will leave that up to John T Haller (site admin) and Pyromaniac (Author of this Portable Edition), hopefully they won't do it again, and it won't be an issue.


I known another portable apps suite that is suspected to have done the same mistake (stealing intellectual property) and changed their behaviour but any link/name regarding this software is still removed from this site.
It's just my point of view but I won't understand John's decision if IOBit's software is still provided as an official portable apps.

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The site you reference was not 'suspected' of doing something, they were caught red-handed passing off our work as their own (purposely stripping off our splash, readme, license, included bookmarks and source code) in addition to violating the GPL of dozens of open source apps by refusing to distribute the source, bundling trademarked works without permission, violating copyright by bundling freeware without asking publishers, etc. This was confirmed by multiple 3rd parties including journalists. To this day, the author has still refused to even admit wrongdoing or clean up his act. The software you reference still has multiple applications included illegally at this very moment... I can go to his app page and download illegal software right now.

In short, the entire software site is based on stealing work from others and bundling apps illegally. It has been from the beginning and likely always will be. We're not interested in rehashing the illegal software site once again and I can't understand why you seem to keen on bringing it up again.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I can't understand why seem to keen on bringing it up again

I just thought you would take a decision about IOBit much faster. Until now, you used to be strong about intellectual property, and this software (because I read about it severall times here) is the first example that came to my mind.

Sorry if it has upset you.

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We are very committed to intellectual property. This is why we're the only portable software platform that has always been and will continue to be 100% legal and respectful of open source licenses, trademark law and copyright law. The software site you are referencing which we do not permit discussion of has proven to be engaged in illegal activities on multiple occasions and continues to do so today.

On the other hand, the software application with the accusation of infringement you are referencing, we do not have available here. Never mind the fact that, from what I have read on both the publisher sites, the infringement was apparently remedied and the company whose definitions were possibly taken considers the case resolved and closed. I don't know the exact facts of that case, nor do I wish to pretend to. But it's a bit beside the point as we don't repackage or list that software in our app directory, make it available within the platform or have it available in our updater database.

Nothing we repackage or list on is using stolen IP, trademarks without proper permissions, copyrighted code without permissions and credit or open source code without following the license. If it were, we would not include it in the first place. If it turns out to be after we have published it (say via a 3rd party publisher of software we repackage violating one of the above without our knowledge) we would remove it.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

As far as I can tell IOBit has cleaned up it's act, while [unmentionable site] has simply changed 1 illegal package to be closer to what is legally required (because of the big stink that happened over that specific app) and continues to release & distribute other illegally repackaged software (as well as another version of that app that still doesn't attribute the actual developers who wrote it). If IOBit does it again, I assure you any repackagings of their software will be reconsidered by John T. Haller, and whomever is maintaining the specific apps (I believe this one is maintained by Pyromaniac).

But remember, it is their decision, not yours (or mine, or anyone elses).


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You're comparing apples to oranges. As John has already stated, the site that shall not be named engages in illegal activities right now, today. IOBit, to the best of anybody's knowledge does not. End of story.

Therefore, this is a moral issue, not a legal issue. (John) presumably has no interest in making moral judgements on our (the users) behalf, nor should it.

As John stated if it became evident that IOBit was engaging in illegal activities then the software in question would be removed from this site.

I don't see what is unclear or ambiguous about that information. Enjoy your continued role of devil's advocate, you play it so well. *applause*

End of story

It's the best way to keep my mouth shut Smile

Enjoy your continued role of devil's advocate, you play it so well

I don't think I do it the well because you discovered my secret role but while everyone seems to agree against them, somebody has to play that role to keep things objective/balanced...

Most likely this was tongue-in-cheek, and there is some humor in it, but for those with short memories or who are too young to have seen Star Wars on the big screen in its first release, let's be accurate: Steve Job(s) was never an employee of Microsoft. That was co-founder Paul Allen.