calibre Portable 5.0.1 (ebook manager, viewer, converter) Released

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Submitted by John T. Haller on September 25, 2020 - 6:02pm

A new version of calibre Portable has been released by calibre is an ebook manager, converter, and viewer with support for a variety of formats and devices. It's in Format so it can easily integrate with the Platform. And it's open source and completely free.

Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the Platform.


Screenshotcalibre is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager. It’ll allow you to do nearly everything and it takes things a step beyond normal e-book software. It supports conversions from nearly all ebook formats and has specific support for numerous ebook devices.

Learn more about calibre... Installer / Format

calibre Portable is packaged in a Installer so it will automatically detect an existing installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it's in Format, so it automatically works with the Platform including the Menu and Backup Utility.


calibre Portable is available for immediate download from the calibre Portable homepage. Get it today!

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I have this error on start up:
Unhandled exception running calibre

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 89, in
File "", line 84, in main
File", line 55, in run_entry_point
File site-packages calibre", line 71, in calibre
File site-packages\calibre\", line 51, in register_with_default_programs
File · ", line 259, in load_module
File "site-packages\calibre", line 16, in
ImportError: cannot import name 'QT_VERSION' from PyQt5.Qt' (\PortableApps\calibrePortable\App Calibre\app\bin\pyqt5.Qt.pyd)

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As always, if you have an issue, please post in the support forums so it can be seen and include the complete details requested: "include system details (OS version, 32 vs 64-bit, install path, new vs upgrade, etc)." There is a topic for this issue here:

Please read and add additional details to that topic. As mentioned in the topic, it works fine for me here for both fresh installs and upgrades, so I need to figure out what calibre has an issue with on your machines.

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