PortableApps.com Platform 21.2.2: Fix For Un-Updated Windows 7/8.0, Connectivity Improvements and more

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Submitted by John T. Haller on March 31, 2022 - 10:27pm

PortableApps.com is proud to announce the PortableApps.com Platform 21.2.2 release. This patch release fixes issues with .NET errors on Windows 8.0 unupgraded to Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 without the MS Platform Update, adds connectivity fallback to http on machines https issues, and updates the Korean locale. Read on for all the details...(permalink)

Existing Platform users can automatically update by clicking Help - Check for Updates

New in 21.2.2

This patch release improves on the new .Net support, locale updates and more in 21.2. This release fixes an issue with .NET errors occurring for apps on un-upgraded Windows 8.0 machines and Windows 7 machines without the MS Platform Update installed. It also adds an http fallback for machines with https issues or where https connections are unavailable. The Korean locale for the platform installer has also been updated. Full details on all versions are in the PortableApps.com Platform changelog.

New in 21.2.1

This release fixes an issue with .Net 4 not being correctly detected and touch issues on Windows 11. It also updates the Arabic, French, and Korean locales. Full details on all versions are in the PortableApps.com Platform changelog.

New in 21.2

This release adds support for apps that require .Net Core or .Net 5+ support with download assistance, adds Myanmar (Burmese), Punjabi, and Urdu locales bringing us to 80 supported languages in the platform, and has some fixes. Full details on all versions are in the PortableApps.com Platform changelog.

New in 21.1

This releases adds support for Windows 11 high contrast themes, adds all 83 PortableApps.com-supported languages to the platform installer, adds all 77 Platform-supported languages to the app store and updater, adds an advanced INI option to make platform variables user instance wide, and includes multiple fixes. Full details on all versions are in the PortableApps.com Platform changelog.

New in 21.0

This release introduces full support for all .Net Framework versions from 1.0 to 4.8 across Windows 2000 to 11 including detection, showing supported versions in the About window, and linking to downloads and enabling instructions. 9 new locales have been added, greatly increasing the reach of the PortableApps.com Platform to users in their native language. The ability to retry when closing apps on exit has been added. New environment variables for PortableApps.comRoot and PortableApps.comApps have been added. The app store and updater will now automatically use https when supported on Windows 7 and later while allowing Windows XP and Vista to connect despite being incompatible. The app store/updater UI has been enhanced on Windows 11 with better checkboxes and folders. Full details on all versions are in the PortableApps.com Platform changelog.

Platform Features

As always, the PortableApps.com Platform is packed with great features like:

  • Automatic App Closing - Closing down and getting going is easier than ever with the platform automatically (and safely) closing your running portable apps and letting you know which ones need to be closed before you eject and finish syncing your cloud drive. Luthfi Harahap was kind enough to re-license some of his code to help with this feature
  • Awesome Themes - The modern default theme matches well with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7. Plus all your favorite classic themes are included. Plus you can change the tasbar and system tray icon to match.
  • Cascading Tray App Menu - Get quick access to all your apps with a right click in the system tray
  • Always-Ready Search - The app search box is always visible and ready by default, so you can open the platform - possibly with the CTRL-ALT-SPACE hotkey - and just start typing to launch your favorite app. You can even search in app descriptions if you'd like by ticking a box in Options
  • Proxy Support - The connections tab in Options lets you automatically or manually configure the platform to work with your internet proxy
  • Full Featured Installer - The Platform installer can detect and install to your portable devices, synced cloud directories, local machine, and more
  • Fast Updater / App Store - Quickly check for updates to your existing apps and find new ones by name, category, release date, and more
  • Eject or Power Off - For local users, the eject button automatically switches to a shutdown/restart/log off button, bringing up the Windows prompt to select your choice. You can also right-click on the button to select to show either eject or shutdown/restart/log off.
  • Portable Fonts - Take all your fonts with you and use them in all your portable apps
  • Organize Your Apps Your Way - Use the default of favorites and most used apps with all apps by category on the second page or switch it up by selecting alphabetical apps, categories and favorites by default, and other options
  • All the fixes and features are details in the PortableApps.com Platform Changelog

Next Version, Translators Needed

We're starting work on the next beta soon and we'll be going over the list of requested features and bugs to prioritize the additions and fixes in the next couple release. We'll be needing more translators watching the beta channel and translating the few new features in this release.

Ongoing Donation Drive

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We also accept donations of any size to help with development and hosting:

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Discussing The Release, Enhancements and Bug Reports

As there is much to discuss with this new release, we've separated out a few forum threads for discussing:

Download Today

You can download the new version of the PortableApps.com Platform from the download page. Get it today!

Please note that any bug reports and feature requests go in the PortableApps.com Platform Bug Report and Feature Request Tracker.

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