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PA.c Platform 29.5.1 Translations

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PA.c Platform 29.5.1 Translations

For any updates to translations or issues with the translations in the current Platform stable release (beta release if there is one, stable if not), please post finalized versions here once they have been discussed with other speakers.

Translations are located within the PortableApps\\App\locale directory and are text files in simple INI format. The English.locale file has the official strings for the default language and can be used as a guide for your own language. We recommend you edit them using IniTranslator Portable since it can highlight translations present in English (the default) but missing in your locale. Any of the text editors in our Portable App Directory - Development Section will also work. Be sure to save them in UCS2-LE (Little Endian) format with Windows (CrLf) line feeds.

Finalized versions can be posted directly in your comment between PRE tags or posted on and linked from your comment. If you find any strings that don't properly load in the platform, please note it on the bug reports page. Thanks!

Also, if you'd like to be added to the list of translators we send an email to whenever we have a new release ready for localization, you can click on 'My Account' and then click My Subscriptions to subscribe to the Translators newsletter. If you're having trouble with that, just post a comment here and we'll add you then remove your comment.

Please base updated translations on the Platform 29.5.1 translations, not older betas or stable releases. All translations that were present and have been deleted are included in 29.5.1.

Please do not alter any of the Locale strings in the first section. It will break language switching for your locale. If you feel one of them is incorrect, please make a post to discuss it. See apps like GIMP for examples of Localeglibc.