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Date Title Topic
2024-06-09 Telegram Desktop Portable 5.1.5 Rev 2 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2024-06-09 ExifToolGUI Portable 6.3.3 Rev 2 (Image metadata... Open Source Release
2024-06-09 QuickMemoryTestOK Portable 4.77 Rev 2 (Memory testing... Freeware Release
2024-06-09 Q-Dir Portable 11.67 Rev 2 (quad pane file manager)... Freeware Release
2024-06-07 ExifToolGUI Portable 6.3.3 (Image metadata reader and... Open Source Release
2024-06-07 Telegram Desktop Portable 5.1.5 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2024-06-07 Draw.io Portable 24.5.1 (diagramming) Released Open Source Release
2024-06-07 QuickMemoryTestOK Portable 4.77 (Memory testing tool)... Freeware Release
2024-06-06 Telegram Desktop Portable 5.1.4 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2024-06-06 Q-Dir Portable 11.67 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
2024-06-05 Transmission Portable 4.0.6 (bittorrent client)... Open Source Release
2024-06-05 Opera, Portable Edition 110.0.5130.66 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2024-06-05 Notepad++ Portable 8.6.8 (developer's text editor... Open Source Release
2024-06-05 Unicodia Portable 2.7.3 (Unicode character browser)... Open Source Release
2024-06-05 XnView MP Portable 1.7.2 (image viewer) Released Freeware Release
2024-06-05 Password Safe Portable 3.66.1 (secure password manager... Open Source Release
2024-06-05 RSS Guard Portable 4.7.2 (RSS/ATOM feed reader)... Open Source Release
2024-06-05 grepWin Portable 2.1.0 (regular expression search and... Open Source Release
2024-06-05 TeamViewer Portable 15.54.5 (pc control, screen... Freeware Release
2024-06-04 MediaInfo Portable 24.05.1 (media information utility... Open Source Release
2024-06-03 Telegram Desktop Portable 5.1.2 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2024-06-03 New: Blank And Secure Portable 7.72 (secure data... Freeware Release
2024-06-03 Wise Disk Cleaner Portable 11.1.2 (disk cleaner and... Freeware Release
2024-06-03 YUMI-exFAT Portable (multiboot USB creator... Open Source Release
2024-06-03 MKVToolNix Portable 85.0 (Matroska (MKV) file tools)... Open Source Release