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Date Title Topic
2018-06-17 calibre Portable 3.26.1 (ebook manager, viewer,... Open Source Release
2018-06-16 SpeedyFox Portable 2.0.23 (speed up Firefox,... Freeware Release
2018-06-16 XnView Portable 2.45 (image viewer) Released Freeware Release
2018-06-16 Wise Disk Cleaner Portable 9.7.5 (disk cleaner and... Freeware Release
2018-06-16 Wise Program Uninstaller Portable 2.2.5 (local... Freeware Release
2018-06-16 Wise Registry Cleaner Portable 9.6.3 (registry cleaner... Freeware Release
2018-06-15 Q-Dir Portable 7.06 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
2018-06-14 CrystalDiskMark Portable 6.0.1 (disk benckmark tool)... Open Source Release
2018-06-14 CrystalDiskInfo Portable 7.6.1 (disk health monitoring... Open Source Release
2018-06-14 Battle for Wesnoth Portable 1.14.3 (turn-based... Open Source Release
2018-06-14 CDex Portable 2.05 (CD audio extractor) Released Freeware Release
2018-06-14 Canabalt Portable 1.2 (fast-paced run and jump game)... Freeware Release
2018-06-14 Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on... Freeware Release
2018-06-14 Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 52.8.1 (web... Open Source Release
2018-06-14 Opera, Portable Edition 53.0.2907.99 (web browser)... Freeware Release
2018-06-14 Google Chrome Portable 67.0.3396.87 Stable (web... Freeware Release
2018-06-14 WinMerge 2011 Portable 2011.8.226 (file comparison and... Open Source Release
2018-06-13 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2018-06-10 CintaNotes Portable 3.11 Rev 2 (note-taking) Released Freeware Release
2018-06-10 DSpeech Portable 1.70.29 (text-to-speech converter)... Freeware Release
2018-06-10 QuiteRSS Portable 0.18.11 (rss reader) Released Open Source Release
2018-06-09 KiTTY Portable (telnet and SSH with added... Open Source Release
2018-06-09 DSynchronize Portable 2.37.21 (directory... Freeware Release
2018-06-09 SUMo Portable (update local apps) Released Freeware Release
2018-06-09 Krita Portable 4.0.3 (sketching and painting) Released Open Source Release