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Date Title Topic
2023-12-06 AIMP Portable 5.30.2531 (music player) Released Freeware Release
2023-12-06 ccPortable 6.18.10838 (clean local PCs via CCleaner)... Freeware Release
2023-12-06 Google Chrome Portable 120.0.6099.63 Stable (web... Freeware Release
2023-12-06 sPortable (chat and voice calling via... Freeware Release
2023-12-05 PortableApps.com Ukraine Suite 2023.12 (Ukrainian and... Open Source Release
2023-12-05 TeamViewer Portable 15.48.5 (pc control, screen... Freeware Release
2023-12-05 MediaInfo Portable 23.11 (media information utility)... Open Source Release
2023-12-05 Telegram Desktop Portable 4.12.2 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2023-12-04 New: PeerBlock Plus Portable (firewall based... Open Source Release
2023-12-03 PortableApps.com Platform 27.0.1: Optional 32-Bit App... Open Source Release
2023-12-01 qBittorrent Portable 4.6.2 (lightweight bittorrent... Open Source Release
2023-12-01 Telegram Desktop Portable 4.12.1 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2023-12-01 zmPortable 5.16.10 (virtual meetings, video chat, and... Freeware Release
2023-12-01 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Stable 120.0.1 (web... Open Source Release
2023-11-30 PortableApps.com Platform 27.0: Optional 32-Bit App... Open Source Release
2023-11-29 K-Meleon Portable 76.5.0-2023-11-25 (lightweight,... Open Source Release
2023-11-29 mssPortable 1.401.1398 (Microsoft Safety Scanner... Freeware Release
2023-11-29 Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool Portable 20.0.11 2023-11-... Freeware Release
2023-11-29 McAfee Stinger Portable (common virus... Freeware Release
2023-11-29 calibre Portable 7.1.0 (ebook manager, viewer,... Open Source Release
2023-11-29 Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on... Freeware Release
2023-11-29 Thunderbird, Portable Edition 115.5.1 (email client)... Open Source Release
2023-11-28 Opera, Portable Edition Legacy Win 7/8 95.0.4635.90 (... Freeware Release
2023-11-28 Google Chrome Portable 119.0.6045.200 Stable (web... Freeware Release
2023-11-28 sPortable (chat and voice calling via... Freeware Release