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Couldn't see some attachments from OE

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Couldn't see some attachments from OE

Hi, recently I try Thunderbird Portable, it's great Biggrin but I have a problem with some attachments envoys from Outlook Express. It's doesn't appear, but if I "save as" the mail, and open the saved mail with O.E. I can see that the attachments are OK. Same mail in the icedove (ex-Thunderbird) of my Debian SID GNU/Linux are OK. Everething point's that is some config in the Portable Thunderbird, but I can't find the solution Sad
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, I from Argentina.
Fernando Sfeir
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Opening Attachments

I have the same problem with e-mails forwarded by someone using WebTV (like my 96 yr old mother). I can read WebTV e-mails, but not the e-mails she forwards (unless I save them to disk & then bring them back into TP as a new e-mail).

While cumbersome, this does work, unless, of course, mom has sent me a nested e-mail with 5 or 6 levels. Since mom & her friends love to nest e-mails (rather than cutting & pasting), it's it's easier just to go to my ISP's website and open the message from mom there & find the last of the nested forwarded messages.

I've got TP set to delete messages from the server 7 days after I download the message.

Amarillo, TX, USA

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