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Auto run for portable

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Auto run for portable

how can i enanble autorun for the portable menu?

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Auto run for portable

autostart is automatically enabled. you just need to copy "Documents"- and "PortableApps"-folder, "Autorun.inf" and "StartPortableApps.exe" in main-dir of usb-stick.

the autorun.inf contains following information (create if not available):
Action=Start PortableApps

i'm using PStart instead of "Portable Apps Suite (Base Edition)".

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The PortableApps installer

The PortableApps installer takes care of that automatically, if you install it to the root of the USB drive. (PStart has an option to create it for you, under setup, for those who prefer it.)

The problem is more likely to be that autorun has been turned off (or otherwise disabled) on that machine; the reason is the junk that malicious software can install on your machine if you allow it to run every time you insert a CD or USB stick. Security-conscious owners frequently disable it, and I think Vista makes it difficult to enable.

The easiest way to do it if autorun doesn't work is to open "My Computer", select the USB Drive, and click on StartPortableApps.

Do a search in the forums; this question gets asked and answered every few days, sometimes with very helpful information and utilities that can help; but you might save yourself some frustration if you check to make sure it can be enabled on your machine, before you go trying a bunch of things.


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the search feature of this forum, this have been asked so many times... even I asked it? Blum

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Would be nice to create a FAQ for questions like this.

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Personally, I think it's really easy to read a FAQ page.

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..would the people who don't search very frequently read a FAQ very frequently?

Kinda like common sense. The problem is that it is not very common.

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