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Feature request

I'm sure some of know PStart ( a number of us here moved up from there to a more integrated platform at PortableApps.

My problem is now - John and the other contributors have made such progress in creating .paf.exe bundles and some good quality beta versions I now have a good 50 or so apps

What I'd like to do (I can't seem to find any docs to see if my current version 1.1B4 supports it) is .....

I'd like to be able to sub-folder the menu as the old PStart could


I'd love to push my less used apps into subfolders grouping

  • games,
  • utilities
  • and Openoffice

into their own folders.

Any takers? Other people with larger drives finding it takes time to scroll

Another option I miss is autolaunching more than one app. I'd like the drive to autorun portablemenu as before then launch firefox as I typically run firefox for all internet access and explorer for all intranet

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While you (and I) are

While you (and I) are waiting for the next release of PAM, there are several modifications/forks of PAM that are available thru the fora here that you might want to take a look at. For example, the SmithTech, geekmenu, and R31 mods all support subfolders, although slightly differently. I do know you can define non-EXE executable menu items in some of them, as well. While that won't 'solve' your autostart issue directly, a .BAT file will get you at least part of the way. Don't want to take away all your fun!

As others will tell you, SEARCHing the fora before posting will help.

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Honestly, I don't like using

Honestly, I don't like using batch files unless I have to. If you're looking to run more than just the platform when Windows executes autorun on your flash drive, I would check out SmithTech's Portable Startup Utility. In addition to having a built-in checkbox to toggle starting PAM, it can launch as many EXE files as you need it to. It's a single EXE file, and if you place it in a folder such as \PortableApps\PortableStartupUtility\, clicking on it in PAM will launch the configuration dialog. In order to make Windows autorun PSU instead of PAM, modify the "Open" line of Autorun.inf in your flash drive's root directory as follows (assuming you placed psu.exe where I did):
Open=PortableApps\PortableStartupUtility\psu.exe -all

When PSU runs for the first time, it will create psu.ini (which is actually an XML file, just with an INI extension) next to itself in the directory structure. Using the "-all" switch will simply make PSU do what you configured it to. Hope that helps. Smile

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John said he hoped to have

John said he hoped to have the new version out last week. I haven't seen it... But that is one of the features we are all hoping to see added to the new version when it arrives.


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