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Connecting to GMail

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Connecting to GMail

I recently installed TB portable on a USB drive. I set it up to connect to a GMail account. When I start TB portable, it tries to connect to, but the connection always times out. When I use the normal versin of TB installed on my laptop, it connects to GMail without problem. How can I make the connection smoothly with TB portable?

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Do you have

a firewall preventing the portable version deom accessing the net?
What OS do you have???

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Did you

checked the security issues (and port) that Gmail requires?

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Gmail settings in thunderbird

Log into your Gmail account in a browser. Go to Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Make sure that you enable POP or IMAP (at your preference). Then click on the Configuration Instructions. Not only do they use non-standard ports for incoming and outgoing mail, but they also use a different username format than most other providers (includes

I set up an account yesterday following their instructions - works like a charm.


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