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AppInfo.ini specification?

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AppInfo.ini specification?

Is there a description of what should be in AppInfo.ini, or is it still in flux?

I was starting my first attempt at a portable app, and was trying to fill it out, but I was a little confused that there are three entries for version ([Format] Version, [Version] PackageVersion, [Version] DisplayVersion) and there is also [Version] PackageRevision.

I think everything else is pretty self explanatory, but those fields are a little confusing.

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john is still working on it and it will be released with the new menu...

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0.9.7 has those reduced. Format Version is the specification's version, such as 0.9.6 (yours) or 0.9.7 (latest). We're currently trying to get some information up on the unofficial development wiki, which will be copied to this site at a later date (probably by me).

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