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Gens 32 Portable.

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Gens 32 Portable.

Ok, look, im truying to help out some. I first made a launcher for what turned out to be proprietary software, and that sure as hell backfired. I was expecting a "thanks" and I got "you are illigal go away".

Anyhow, i understand.

so here is the deal, i am going to make a portable launcher for an app that wont get everyones panties in a wad.

I was thinking of my favorite emulator.

It should easily comply with the .paf requirements, everyhting is confined inside the program folder.

I should also not have any licence crap to deal with. Gens32 is based off og gens. and gens is gnu open source goodness. (and doesnt that mean gens32 is as well?)

So i figured as long as I throw in a copy of that license anywhere I get a chance i should have my assets covered.

If i am wrong, let me know now.