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scroll bar width

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scroll bar width

I'm very impressed with portable apps, as user.
I wish I could share these softwares with a good friend of mine.
Infortunately, bieng disabled, he cannot use the scroll bars because they are too narrow (He emulates a mouse cursor with his eye sight).
Would it be possible to find a way to widden scroll bars (15 mm) ?
I also notice that sometimes the "fixed size" windows don't show all their content (buttons, label... like smartision Screencopy in "mode avancé").
In other word, is it possible to custumize window frames(setup file ?)
or would it be a nightmare ?


John T. Haller
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I believe it gets this information directly from Windows... so if Windows is setup with wide scrollbars, applications like Firefox (and Portable Firefox) will use wide scrollbars.

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kang4u (not verified)
Infortunately not. I guess

Infortunately not.
I guess windows can control "frames" of its own apps but not portable ones.

kang4u (not verified)

I just tryed on my computer (windowsXP).
The scroll bar width is as wide as defined, although I'm sure that on my friend's computer the width remainds narrow.
I have to check why.
Thanks for posting this answer.

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