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Auto Open and Sync

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Auto Open and Sync

sorry i'm completely new to this stuff but i really love it, however i could really do with some help for two problems.
1. is there a way i can automatically make firefox portable open when i plug in the USB drive? i'm running vista on one machine and XP on the other.

2. what is the best way to sync my home version of firefox with my portable ff ? i dont mean just the first time, i mean constantly. or do people just always use the portable version ?

any help would be greatly appreciated, or even a point in the right direction.
thanks in advance,

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To change #1 create a text file named autorun.inf in the root of the drive. Make sure you turn off hidden extensions in Explorer so you can change the name to autorun.inf and not autorun.inf.txt (which will never work).

Copy past the following into the text file. Edit the values so you point down the path to firefox portable. This is the autorun.inf of the menu (example only).

The autorun.inf is read in when you insert the drive, so you'll need to remove/reinsert it for the autorun.inf file to work.

Action=Start PortableApps

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keeping bookmarks in sync

There are several Firefox plugins available that will do this. One is Foxmarks and another is called Google browser sync for Firefox. Personally, I use the Google product. It works across machines and operating system. I has to be installed in each copy of Firefox you use.

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