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sandboxie portable

sandboxie portable
Sandboxie's license only allows you to register it on computers that you own. To comply with the license (which you agree to by downloading and using the portable launcher) SandboxiePortable will not extract/backup/restore any license information.

Though it was talked about, there is not yet any portable licensing available or planned.



** DO NOT USE on a system with a locally installed version of Sandboxie!!

This update addresses some new Sandboxie behavior that I was just made aware of today.

The new version of Sandboxie now uses 'FileRootPath' instead of 'BoxRootFolder'. It will still use 'BoxRootFolder' unless you re-configure your sandbox location through the GUI, however, so I urge you to update your sandbox location via the GUI ASAP.

Please update as soon as possible and RE-READ THE README. I've added a bunch of info regarding the built-in delete-on-exit options. It is a little more dangerous to use now, but if you follow the instructions and pay attention to any warnings or dialogs, you'll be fine

I've coded as many sanity checks as I can think of into the launcher to make sure you don't do anything bad, but pay attention and use some common sense.

** NOTE TO USERS UPGRADING FROM 3.01.21 or 3.02 -

The new GUI versions of Sandboxie use a new layout for the INI file. DO NOT use your old INI file directly with this new portable version of Sandboxie. Run the launcher once and let it copy a default INI to the application directory, then modify your settings via the GUI.



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As far as i know...

you need two computers with sandboxie installed and with admin rights.This is what I found on the sandboxie site:

So,how about the rights with Your portable sandboxie?

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