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Calc Portable .txt update

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Calc Portable .txt update

I work for a GIANT blue chip company and use excel very heavily but since the discovery of portable apps I have fallen in love with all apps but in particular with Calc, however, while I and many friends would love to stop using all other vendors programs in favour of calc app, we find that there is one small functionally missing to make it complete, and that is to have the option to SAVE AS .txt and then check mark options to choose selected range only.

For this particular task we currently use Lotus 123. We have to have it saved this way because SAP system only likes .txt uploads.

I know csv is similar to txt but when we change the extentions its not exectly same. Also there is no option to choose selected range only.

Please include the above you will make thousands of people very happy.
Many Thanks.

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we only pack the apps

without changing them so you'd have to aks the original developper about that.

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Get the compny to switch to

Get the company to switch to PeopleSoft! (just kidding - a little ERP rivalry thing.)

Seriously, a work around to try:
Do a copy and paste special (Presumably numbers) from the spreadsheet into a new .txt file in a text editor. Then save the text file and use that for the SAP upload. You may need to play with the idea, but give it a try.

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Calc Prtable .txt update


Thanks for the tip, but unfortuneatly its not just the numbers that we have to be carefull about in txt file its also the column width etc which has to be exectly the same to the last pixel of SAP just refuses to accept the file, so for this reason copy/paste job does not work as we have all tried many different options just so that we can stop using 123 and Excel.

Any other ideas? Smile

Samul, I am unable to find the developer any ideas on the email so I can try my luck there.

Thanks to all, please can we all suggest this to the developer, thanks


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I'm assuming the app you are

I'm assuming the app you are referring to is Calc.

If so, try here

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A shot in the dark --

Maybe try using TAB as the field delimiter instead of Comma when you save the csv text file out of Calc.

I haven't worked much with Calc yet, but so far there is no way to save only a selected range to csv. As a very kludgy work-around, you could copy the selected range to a new sheet, and then save that new sheet to Tab-delimited csv.

Of course, I don't know if Tab-delimiting would accomplish what you need either.

But maybe it's worth a shot, what the heck.

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Can you please post a small

Can you please post a small sample of the CSV file and then tell me how you would like it to be formatted in .txt. I've worked alot with parsing CSV files so I can write a small program for you that will convert it to the format you need.

Then you won't need to worry about it at all. I provide source with all programming.


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