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Portable ClamWin / WinPooch combo

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Portable ClamWin / WinPooch combo

WinPooch can integrate with ClamWin by looking for it in the registry and loading up ClamWin.conf. If I hard code some absolute paths in the registry and my own ClamWin.conf file then I can force WinPooch to scan all files with my portable ClamWin (actually I'm just using plain old ClamAV with a GUI nearby).

It's not quite right though - WinPooch always comes up with an "all clear" report asking if I'm sure I want to continue - even though the report says everything is fine.

I've tried making WinPooch call clamwin.exe with the --no-summary and -i (infected only) switches, but they don't stop the popup from WinPooch - they just make the popup show an empty box and still asking if I want to open it.

Anyone want to try this?

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I want to try.

I'm interesting by your topics. Can you send me how to do?

John T. Haller
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ClamWin checked this

ClamWin devs had checked out possible WinPooch integration and using the WinPooch code in terms of making their product realtime but had to pass on it for a few reasons (not sure what they are).

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