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Installing Pam menu and removing portable apps

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Installing Pam menu and removing portable apps

I want to test portableapps pam menu but i want to remove portable apps.
My problem is that i have want to have the same aplications without any lost. I dont want to lost my firefox data for example.
Can i copy the complety firefox folder to another place?
Can i just delete portableapps and copy portableapps pam menu to the flash?



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I couldnt figure out exactly what you want

but all your personal data is in the /Appname/Data folder. If you want to keep your data, keep that and delete the rest.

To remove an App, just close the menu and delete the folder where it is in.

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I would like to remove

I would like to remove portable apps and instal portable apps menu mod, but i dont ant to loose the firefox data.

What should i do?


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if you're switching menus ...

Just copy the the folder "FirefoxPortable" (or whatever program you want to keep) to some other location, then delete the old menu. Then copy back the "FirefoxPortable" menu into the new menu that you've installed.

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PortableApps PAM Menu. Blum Which would be

PortableApps PortableApps Menu Menu. Blum

Sorry, couldn't resist. Blum You don't need to backup apps to install the PAM mod, just copy the contents of the zip to X:\PortableApps\PortableAppsMenu replacing the old ones.

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Heh. Smile

PIN number is the one I hate (Personal Identification Number number).

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