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Running Thunderbird through a Proxy-Server

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Running Thunderbird through a Proxy-Server

I'm running Thunderbird portable and Firefox portable through a Proxy-Server, which requires a user-ID and password on every internet access. Firefox does this perfectly, Thunderbird doesn't do and only returns "failed to connect to pop3 Server". Is there any way to adjust this with about:config?
Thanks for help.

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Yes, there is.

Click on Tools > Options. Go to the Advanced tab, then the Network and Disk space tab. Click the Connection button. Hope this helps!!

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I seem to have a different version: Under the Advanced tab I only have a Offline&DiskSpace tab and there is no Connection button.
My version is (20061025)

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vielleicht lohnt sich dann doch der switch auf Dort findet sich dann auch die besagte Einstellung.Als Alternative findet sich hier das ProxyGet tool (Searchbutton oben rechts), um die Proxyeinstellungen schnell zu bekommen.
Wenn es sich um einen Office- oder Schulrechner auf Windowsbasis handelt, wird in der Regel ein Microsoft Mail Exchange Server benutzt (läuft nur mit outlook), der entsprechende Port für den TB ist dann schlicht für das EmailProgramm geblockt. Abhilfe gibts dann nur durch Aufruf des Emailkontos via Firefox und ggf Herunterladen der interessierenden Anhänge oder Mails.Schlupflöcher kann man ausprobieren, einfach mal hier suchen, das Ganze ist schon mehrfach abgehandelt.
Transl. A switch to TB will do better, but maybe the port is blocked on Your office or school PC, so that would not help.Use FF to view Your email account and download the interesting mails. To find the proxy settings You could use ProxyGet utility hosted on this site. Wink

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I'd make sure I had the

I'd make sure I had the latest version from this site. See if that doesn't handle it better.

If you're still having the problem after upgrading, at least you would then be using the same version that those trying to help you are using.

(Sorry if that is what wk just said in German; my German isn't that good.)


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Firewall Ports

The same thing was happening to me and it drove me nuts. FF worked perfectly thru the proxy and firewall, but TB wasn't making it through. It turned out the the protocols and ports FF required are typically open. The same is true for unsecured communication with POP3 and SMTP servers. If you are using SSL for secure communications (many ISPs are requiring this now) then port 995 and 465 (I'm pretty sure these are the SSL ports) need to be open on the firewall. This is required for TB but not FF. Have you tried using TB as is without going thru the proxy (perhaps straight out thru DSL)? If you are able then this is probably what is happening. Good luck!

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I understand what you mean. It was my problem too. But at the end I solved it within my satisfaction. But the solution is a little bit complicated.

I used to get the unix account. I choose (NNP) because it is possible to connect to it via usual secure port 443 (standard SSL port 22 is forbidden fro our company firewall).

After I get the account it was quite easy. I get the Putty and all necessary how is described int the web of NNP. I filled up company proxy setting with the password and ID and I used port forwarding to my POP3 and SMTP server.

Et voila. It works perfectly. I can get even sent email using TB. Moreover it works also from USB stick when you get all the staff (Putty and TB) portable.

I hope that it can help.

If you have any question ask me on



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