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Make portable apps cross platform

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Make portable apps cross platform

I enjoy using portable apps. However I can only use it on Windows machines. I use Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. I would like to see portable apps being able to be cross platform compliant. Just thought that I would throw that idea out. I would like to suggest this to my customers that come to [link removed] but if they use anything other than windows it won't work.

Patrick Patience
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As noted on the suite page, in discussed quite a few times, it works (The Menu) basically fine on linux with WINE installed, so do most of the applications.

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As a business... shouldn't be using free hosting. The big ad at the top of the page takes away some credibility. In other words, it begs the question of how profitable (hence, reliable) your business is.

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'business' ?

What 'big ad'???? I don't see any. Just a banner for the website - which isn't a 'business'. No products or services are sold; no one is getting paid. As to whether this site deserves free hosting, isn't that up to the host?

And, profitability has NO association with reliability or longevity, even with commercial enterprises. Ask anyone who had dealings with Enron.

Ryan McCue
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It's about the site that was linked. The link has since been removed.

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LOL just passing through.

LOL just passing through.

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I agree, The only think

I agree, The only think keeping me on a microsoft o/s is the fantastic Portable apps. I'd love it if it was compatable on a linux machine.

José Pedro Arvela
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I agree

I agree, I would be very happy to see PAM on Linux (natively). It can even be done with Kylix, wich is compatible with Delphi on Windows (see Wikipedia page).

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Tim Clark
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The Solution ...

The solution is obvious ... Smile
Get *nix people to do it Blum

To expect John to write the code to make All the PAs and the PAM/PAS/PAP work with All versions of Windows and *nix and Macs/Apples is really "gimme, gimme, gimme" Sad

From what I have been able to get from searching the posts Wink this has come up many times before. PA's work on all versions of Windows going back to 95, that's a lot. PA's work on *nix with WINE. Combine the two and PA's work on 97% of the computers in the world, that's a lot.

If you really want it to be native to *nix/mac/whatever you need to get someone who programs in those systems to do it, "The Solution".

Sorry if I seem unsympathetic but at times it seems the *nix people are more "gimme" than the Windows folks.

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I remember a little while

I remember a little while ago I saw a post that said that our wonderful friend JTH was working on a linux port of the PortableApps.

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