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Can Dev-C++ made portable?

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Can Dev-C++ made portable?

Can Dev-C++ made portable?

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What do you want make portable?

"MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows:
import libraries and header files for use with GCC to build native Windows applications"

As MinGW are only libraries, header files and some commandline utilities it is portable per se.
If you are looking for a portable software for developement (using C++ and MinGW) then try Dev-C++.
Here you can read what to "modify" to use Dev-C++ portably.

Cya Ryushi

P.S. OK, you changed your question and now it is perfecly for my answer Wink

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The sort answer is yes. I

The sort answer is yes. I copied the installation directory from my c: drive to my thumb drive and then used upx to compress the binaries. It works like a charm, however the directory is 44 mb large, making it easily the largest program installation on my thumb drive. I'm able to use it for my C programming class in school and it's blazingly fast compared to visual c++.

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