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Invention needed.

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Invention needed.

Any inventors here. I really need ur help. Why not invent a flash drive pager.
my flash drive is smaller than my thumb and it always getting lost on my desk.
We need some way to locate it in the event of lost. I have been thinking about
this idea for a while but for the TV remote but i really need 1 for my
flash drive.
Think about it flash drive lost well press a button and find it. lol
i really need 1 now i lost both my flash drives. One with Puppy Linux and one with 99software and and 200MB of school work total up to 1.8GB of used space on my flash drive. and no backup in about a month. Yea i am crying. and also i have get the data from it to prepare for my presentation on Sat.
i am sure it is some where in my room or 2miles away by my coz i need a pager to find it.pray for

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You could always tie a rope to them (when you find them), then duck tape the rope to your leg hair... (pretty obvious you'll remember to take the drives with you everywhere). That's the best I can do on such short notice.

That'll be $7 please, plus a shiping charge of 57 cents.

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How ur want that cash or

How ur want that cash or check. lol

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You, my man...

...need a remote for your USB thumbdrive.

'course, then you need a way to locate your remote when it gets lost, but that is beyond the scope of this reply...

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you mean something like the Clapper keyring-finder thingamabob?
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they have...

they have something like that. it is a keychain that you attach to your keys (or usb drive) and when you kit the corosponding color on the main console, the keychain beeps and lights up so you can find it.


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