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how are you there, i'm very happy to find this site providing something like this, and i hope you going on to provide us with new and new portable software, my request is oracle system, because we have many programs we make and want to view it to the customers, and we install oracle system in each pc we view programs in, so we will be very thanks if you try to provide a portable oracle system to help us moving or programs from pc to another, with very thanks and hope God help you much.

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Ok Member for 1 hour 28 min

Ok Member for 1 hour 28 min there are rules for posting but it seems like u need this more than any1. I will look into it but update ur post to reflect the forum Guidelines and this seems like a request so u have to move it to the request forum.

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Jamal (I hope I selected

Jamal (I hope I selected your first name properly),

You may be aware of this, but Oracle products are not released under a GPL-compatible license; they are proprietary. In addition, an installed Oracle database is usually very large. Are you asking about database edit/query/reporting tools or the database? There are 'free' edit/query/reporting tools (such as the ODBC-based WinSQL) that can be used with Oracle databases, but I am unaware of any under GPL-like licenses. This site has limited itself to software under those licenses. If you have any specific software requests that fit those parameters, please:
- what does the software do?
- where can the software and license information be found?

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