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Can Someone Help Me Set TEMP Variable to RAMDISK

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Can Someone Help Me Set TEMP Variable to RAMDISK


We run firefoxPortable from a 512 RAMDisk. I need to set the TEMP variable to this RAMDisk. I searched and found a PortableFirefox Live .bat file but It wants to copy the entire distro to the temp drive. I already have a ramdisk that automatically loads a image file. I just need to set the temp variable to R:\TEMP when I start FirefoxPortable.

When I view a video report using flash within forefox it wants to download the file to my systems TEMP folder. If my system shutsdown before firefox exits these files remain.

I tried editing the bat file and notice it reference PortableFirefox.exe and not FirefoxPortable.exe, which one is it? My executable is FirefoxPortable.exe on my RAMDisk. FirefoxPortable 2.0.09? It also has "SET PortableFirefoxTempDir=%TEMP%" can I set this line to SET PortableFirefoxTempDir=R:\TEMP and cut out the rest of the file? Can this setting be put in the FirefoxPortableSettings.ini file?

I would appreciate any help on this. I need all temporary files written to the RAMDisk disk for security reasons. I work in hotzones. If my laptop is confiscated, checked for trace evidence I'm toast! Literally. If I uplink to satellite and then power off, I'm good. Even if the laptop is taken I have a better chance of it powering down and wiping out all traces of Journalism.

Thank you for any time spent and/or suggestions of how to deal with this,