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Pidgin Blocked at college

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Pidgin Blocked at college


i have recently been playing with Pidgin Portable at my college campus, and it appears (according to the debug logs) that the proxy blocks connections to the msn server. Does anyone know of another secure msn address i can connect to, or a proxy software that i can install at home so i can bounce the msn connection from the college, to my home then to the msn network. ( is blocked

Thanks in advanced

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I think you can do what you want with stunnel or ssh -- if you can connect to a port at home without going through a proxy.

It would take some serious geek credentials to pull it off, but nothing too complex.

Just figure out what ports at home you can connect to, then set up a listening stunnel instance there (or an ssh tunnel), configured to connect to the MSN server.

The benefit is that the connection is thoroughly encrypted, so monitors won't be able to tell what kind of traffic you're creating.

Another option would be to set up a socks5 proxy (e.g. Dante) at home, again, on a port that you can reach from school. The proxy could in turn connect to just about anything. This sort of proxy might be necessary, because sometimes the first IM server you connect to redirects you to yet another server, which the socks proxy could handle but could be a bit complex for stunnel or ssh.

Even better, set up a stunnel or ssh tunnel to your socks proxy. Wink

(There are other options, some more or less complex or tricky.)

Just make sure you aren't doing something that will get either you or me in trouble if they catch you at it.

These options work best with a linux router. But there are ways to do them in Windows too. I wouldn't advise it, but I think it is possible.


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Try Tor

I had the same problem but found that using Portable Tor got me around it. I setup Portable Pidgin to use Socks 5 to connect to Tor, which I configured to only use http port 80 to send out requests. That got through the firewalls and worked fine.

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Hmm, tried that

Portabl Tor doesn't work at my college. i can't seem to figure out how to change the torrc file to allow it through a proxy, any tips would be greatly appreciated

the contents when default:

SocksPort 9050
ControlPort 9051
AllowUnverifiedNodes middle,rendezvous
SafeLogging 1
ClientOnly 1
DataDirectory tor\data
log notice file tor\debug.log

i tried changing the socks address to the proxy IP and using port 80 and 8080, am i misunderstanding the file?

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ssh -D 8080

ssh -D 8080

This should do what you want. It will setup a SOCKS proxy on the local machine routing all connections to the remote machine. If you need to use putty follow these directions:

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Use the MSN HTTP method

Why don't you use the HTTP method to connect to MSN? With versions 2.2 and above it works well. I now use 2.3 provided by engineman and it works fine.

The official pidginportable 2.1.1 MSN http connection is not working thru my company firewall

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Trying Unofficial Pidgin First

Id rather not leave my laptop on at home 24/7, so im gona try the HTTP Proxy option first. Where do i direct it to?

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