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Pidgin: Sametime issue with buddylist

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Pidgin: Sametime issue with buddylist

I recently switched to Pidgin Portable from a standard pidgin install
(company made me uninstall "unlicensed" software). One thing I noticed,
which is only a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits of pidgin over
the standard sametime client, is that when I log in after the initial
Sametime configuration, only one buddy per group shows up. I also, apparently,
show up as inactive to users. If I remove and re-add the Sametime account, everything shows up as per normal. This doesn't happen with AIM, Yahoo or Jabber accounts, only Sametime.

This did not happen on the non-portable version (which I believe was 2.1.0
when I was using it, though I'm not 100% positive on the version number I was
using previously).

There was nothing in the system log to indicate an error. Not sure if there's some
additional debugging that can be turned on that would be useful.

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cause afaik the portable version has exactly the same files as the local install.

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