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WinRAR Portable

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WinRAR Portable

i think winrar should have its portable version. winrar is loads better than 7zip and it a shame its not on this site yet.

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isnt open source so it wont be on this site.
This site has only open source programms.

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Skype is not open source

Skype is not open source too... but it is on directory..

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Already done

WinRAR already makes there own portable version, its called WinRAR Unplugged.
Download Page

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Yeah, but winrar unplugged

Yeah, but winrar unplugged is nothing like winrar. Can't do anything with other files, just handles RAR files.

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check Your..

settings, it behaves like nonportable winrar. There are some issues with the settings if You have installed a local winrar on the same PC, but it works fine for me. And it´s still beta...

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i think no... winrar

i think no...
winrar unplugged register itself to rar, zip, etc files, but restore associations and settings of local computer when you exit program

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When you install Winrar it lets you set the destination folder. Can't you just install Winrar set it to install the files into a folder on you desktop and then copy/cut said folder into your portable devise? I have not tried this myself but and i'm new to the portable world, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work.

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creo que tiene un apagina grandiosa

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Winrar quality

I think winrar is the best of all depressor.

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It depends on how you define "the best" but I'm not sure what makes Winrar better than 7-Zip or PeaZip (both portable applications found here).

As far as I know rar files aren't even "the best" compressed file format. (again subjective).

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As far as I've tested...

7Zip is faster & lighter than winrar (& i've been using winrar for ages). & When I choose to "extract" i prefer the app to decompress just the files i selected in the location i selected, not every file in the folder i am in in with all the inside folder tree included 8·P

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winrar 5 new format

try new winrar 5 new compression format better than the free 7-s**t

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Portable WinRAR v3.90 Available

[illegal site] lists a version of WinRAR Portable
Portable WinRAR v3.90

[link to illegal software removed by mod JTH]


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Making WinRAR Portable

Indeed it is not possible to distribute WinRAR portable as it's closed source. However distributing a shell for making your own personal copy is perfectly legal.

To make this work simply download your legal copy of win rar from Then download the proper directory structure and files from . Then extract 'WinRAR Portable (Without the WinRAR).rar' to your PortableApps directory. Afterwards copy your WinRAR files you installed (usually in c:\Program Files\WinRAR or c:\Program Files (x86)\WinRAR) to Portable Apps\WinRAR.Portable\App\WinRAR. You'll need to create the WinRAR directory as I removed WinRAR itself from the package to make it legal. Once the files are copied you should be able to simply restart the PortableApps Platform and start WinRAR from the menu.

Keep in mind that if you copied the 64 Bit version you'll only be able to use it on a 64 Bit machine. It's a better idea to just install the 32 Bit version so you'll be compatible on all platforms.

Also keep in mind WinRAR is shareware and has restrictions on use. This package is, once again, a shell and for private use only. I am not advocating improper use nor will I share the actual WinRAR program with anyone.

Hope this helps! Let me know if it works for you.


Ok I see that 25 Copies have been served so far. I would really like it if someone would give feedback on their experience with this workaround.

Thanks Biggrin

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Worked fine

Worked fine for me. I was able to create a profile and it was still there when I re-connected the device later, however it wasn't there on a different machine. I am guessing the profile settings are being written to the computer registry rather than anywhere in the portable app tree.

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@pruittboy: the launcher


the launcher works so far.

However some flaws I discovered:

The package is supposed to be portable. So I launch WinRAR on machine A in folder C:\Portableapps\WinRarportable and apply my settings to it.

Then I put the whole thing on my thumbdrive and move to another machine and launch Winrar Portable there.

Everytime I do this, I get a message telling me that the folder WinRar Portable is being launched from has changed and ain't the same as last time. You can confirm that message clicking OK and Winrar runs just fine.

BUT: obviously my settings won't get saved. I tried to add an archive profile on machine A which I wanted to use on all of my other machines (and it should be available since this is a portable app). Nevertheless when I open Winrar Portable on any other machine I get the error message, Winrar works fine, but all my settings are gone and everything is reset to default.

Maybe you could have a look at that.

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7-Zip VS WinRAR

Personally. I'd prefer 7-Zip seeing how it can handle some files that WinRAR can't as well as because it free. It's also faster and easier to use. But one thing I do know that it has 7-Zip needs is the function to unzip archives with corrupted data.

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Worst case Scenario

In the worst case scenario, you can just use IZArc2Go. Google it, I do not have link.

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Isn't it Freeware & Open-Source only here?

Seeing as WinRAR is a paid app, surely it can't feature here due to the limits of it being only freeware or open-source apps only, surely?

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That's one of the main

That's indeed one of the main reasons why it isn't here yet.

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Buena página

Buena página

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Z-zip first of all is one of the BEST free archiving programs available to the General PUBLIC

so i highly doubt it will ever become available Here. and they would have to talk to the Winrar devs anyway to get permissions to make it portable

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winrar portable


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Winrar officially has made

Winrar officially has made their portable version. But we need it on format.

1- So it can update itself.

2- I also know that 7zip and peazip are perfect archive managers. But it would be great if we had winrar too. Because: I know that rar format is not open sourced. So for non-personel operations (at work ...) we can open some rar (licened) files properly.
(Everyone tells that Libreoffice latest verison supports doc xls files but this is wrong. These formats are not open source. So we can not support them %100.)

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7-Zip Has UnRAR

7-Zip already has built-in support to extract files from RAR. There's really no need at all to create new RAR files.

LibreOffice supports DOC and XLS just fine for 99% of features. I know because I've used it for business for years.

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Offline Installer ☺

I just hope, it's an Offline-Standalone-Installer, because Online-WebInstallers suck ☻
Web-Installers have a smaller standalone Filesiƶe, but they do require Internet Connection.


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There will never be an

There will never be an offline installer for WinRAR for given reasons (see - the response to your linked comment btw.)

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