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MacHeist 2 is open for buisness!

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MacHeist 2 is open for buisness!

I just beat the first stage of MacHeist 2 (with help frop my iFriend who loves Mac stuff). It's great. If you want to play, here's the link:

For those of you who don't know

"Last December, Mac users around the world participated in what became to be known as the most explosive Mac indie software event in history...

Tens of thousands of users participated in MacHeist missions, discovering clues, solving puzzles, and winning free software prizes. And when the fuse ran out, we unveiled the best software deal in Mac history.

Over the course of a week, over 16,000 customers snapped up the bundle. With 25% of each sale going to a charity of the customer's choice, the event ended up raising $200,000 for important causes."

AND this year's info...

"Now, one year later, we're ready to make history again. MacHeist 2 is now in progress, and it is set to have more bangs, thrills, and software freebies than last time around.

Remember... this deal of a lifetime will only be available once, for a very limited time, so don't miss out!

Are you ready to join the heist? We invite you to join in the fun!"

In other words, it's a massive Mac shareware giveaway (and yard sale). Have fun (I already won $50 worth of stuff for my future mac computer).