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Updates please

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Updates please

There are security/stability updates for several software packages available from, including:

VLC Media Player 0.8.6d
WinSCP 4.0.5
Pidgin 2.3.1 2.3.1

Could you please update these apps as a sort of Christmas gift for all users?

Many thanks in advance.


Tim Clark
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Please read this

Please read this post:

it's about Firefox but the same rules apply Wink

and Welcome to Portable Apps Smile


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All respect John

I read the linked post and agree that John shouldn't be pushed/rushed. I just know from installing a few apps that some of them are pretty different.

7zip is up to 4.57 and so far I noticed that the context menus are clearer and probably some other changes (only 10min of use so far).

The GIMP is 2.4.2 and is very different in options, labels, and tools.

VLC has a portable versions (7z,zip)for windows at that seems to work fine for me as a portable app

Good job on everything but I just wanted to say that *some* programs have really changed, and this site is GREAT. Smile

All programs should have portable versions as far as I am concerned. If a program needs to link to a file, it should be in its folder.

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When I get impatient for an official PA release

I check out WinPenPack.
They've got GIMP 2.4, and typically release much faster than this site.

I agree that this is an important update.
GIMP is one of those apps that has lingered around with micro-improvements for years, and then suddenly releases a version jump with major changes/improvements.
When this happens, all the accumulated impatience of loyal users rushes to the fore - only to be thwarted by the delay in releasing the PA version.

For this, I understand why people want to know more about the PA release timeline.

P.S. Not sure why, but this post seems to display in STRONG type, even though I don't have it formatted as such...

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maybe at the time the

maybe at the time the previous poster added some 'great' strong words carried over to posts that followed Smile

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