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Variable home page - Live CD

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Variable home page - Live CD

I have a modified version of Firefox (colours changed on toolbars, menus removed, etc) that I would like to redistribute for educational purposes. It states so explicitly when you launch the software.

Everything is set and ready to go except for 1 little problem:

CD drive letters change on different computers. For example, it is D:\ at home, E:\ on my old system, and it could be F:\ or G:\ at school! I cannot make a D:\index.xhtml file as my home page because then what if the drive isn't called D:\?

The index.xhtml file is always stored in the root of the CD, and it should be the home page in order to access the other pages. How do I do this?

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that has been

asked before:

please search first next time Smile

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I think this page has a bit

I think this page has a bit more information (though it too should be searchable).

See the section on "Running From a CD (Firefox Portable Live)".

Now, if the OP is already doing that (specifying the "LocalHomepage" parameter) and it isn't working, say so, include the line in the ini file.

It's supposed to work....


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If you've changed anything in it, you have to change all the Mozilla trademarks. You can't call it Firefox and you can't use their trademarks. Unless, of course, it's covered by their community edition branding.

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