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Portable itunes

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Portable itunes

a portable version of apple's Itunes would be great!

I'm stuck behind dial-up and would love to use Itunes at school where we have a much better connection.

It's either this or a laptop.

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Winamp plugin

I don't use itunes, but doesn't winamp have an itunes plugin? I'm pretty sure there's some alternatives to apple's software.

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Portable Winamp 5.1 with iPod Support

Portable Winamp 5.1 with iPod Support

and if you use online music locker, you can use the Oboe winamp plugin to listen to your music in the account, wherever you go (without need of using browser). To use Oboe plugin for portable winamp though, you'll need to use regular winamp and install the plugin then copy ml_oboe.dll to your portable winamp plugin directory.

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Hi, don't know if this will help, but try YamiPod

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YamiPod is s a good one...

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