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winboard portable

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winboard portable

XBoard and WinBoard are graphical user interfaces for chess. They display a chessboard on the screen, accept moves made with the mouse, and load and save games in Portable Game Notation (PGN). They serve as front-ends for many different chess services, including:
Chess engines that will run on your machine and play a game against you or help you analyze, such as GNU Chess, Crafty, or many others. A list of compatible engines is available.
Chess servers on the Internet, where you can connect to play chess with people from all over the world, watch other users play, or just hang out and chat. A list of compatible servers is available.
Correspondence chess played by electronic mail. The CMail program (which works with XBoard only) automates the tasks of parsing email from your opponent, playing his moves out on your board, and mailing your reply move after you've chosen it.
PGN viewer. You can use XBoard or WinBoard as a viewer and creator for game files recorded in PGN (standard chess notation).
I made winboard portable from WinBoard 4.2.7
[winboard homepage:]
With changes:
- change crafty 19.x with crafty 20.14
added engines:
- scidlet 3.6.20
- phalanxXXII
- changed folder hierarchy
- edited winboard.ini file to make it work

MD5 sum should be:

Link to package:

All software in package is under GNU licenses [v2]. Source code can be obtained from home sites.

To do:
1. documentate package
2. include polyglot with at least one opensource UCI engine in package [TogaII]
3. upx executables
4. make installer or sfx with its own icon

[Note: you may delete
since I made it only for testing winboard switches]

If anyone wants to participate please do so, and of course please write what you think.


Ryan McCue
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My version has been out for a long time.

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."

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sorry, but

I did not know that, sorry. It would save me some time, and I would contact you first.

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