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Download everything gmail Thunderbird

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Download everything gmail Thunderbird

Hello, I would like to use thunderbird to download everything it can get it's hands on in my gmail account so that I can delete my gmail archive, and still have my offline backup.

Believe it or not this marks the first serious attempt to use smtp mail so if my question is silly please forgive.

I can connect just fine, but it only loads 250 messages or so at a time, and i have to move them to an archive folder i've made and then recheck and it loads another 250. also they are moving fast, i'm not sure it is downloading the whole message and i'm sure its not getting attachments.

Is my goal doable?

Thank you in advance for your aid.

Edit: this includes sent mail, and even contacts if possible.

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did you

tell him not to get the atachments?
Go to "tools" ->"account settings".
There you can tell him to load the attachments and change the 250 messages limit.
hope it works Smile

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