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Sunbird: Hour tilt

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Sunbird: Hour tilt

When I try to change the hour of the event by the main box, after stipulating the hour, it comes back 2 hours before. I tested in in 3 different computers (win XP) and the problem persists.
For example; you put 10:30AM in the event, and after choosing the minutes (30, in the example), the hour goes to 8:30AM.
This bug does not happen if you stipulate the time by 'drag and drop', but this numerical bug makes me uncomfortable about 0.7 integrity.

John T. Haller
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I don't see this behavior.

For general bugs unrelated to portability (like this), it's best to check out That's the support for Sunbird itself.

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Check what timezone you have

Check what timezone you have set in the options menu because i had the same problem and setting to my timezone fixed the problem...

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Same thing


My version sets itself back an hour, and it does not care if I am using XP or Vista. All the machines have DST checked due to being int he Central Time zone. what is the cause?


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Does this use Java Runtime?

Because at work, we had an issue with an app that relied upon JRE to timestamp files.
We had to upgrade our JRE, then change our timezone to a different one and then back to EST, before it would give the correct time.

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