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What happened to Pnotes ???

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What happened to Pnotes ???

Does anyone know why Pnotes basically dissappeared a couple monthe ago?
I liked the App and I think he even did an update but noone packed it or something...

Or is it just sleeping till the more important stuff (hint*hint) gets out the door...?

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I've been talking with the

I've been talking with the author of PNotes, and he has some big changes coming. I think the portable version just kind of disappeared though.

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He took my advice and got a SourceForge page! Smile

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There is

a new version posted on portablefreeware, but not our paf format...

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Manual Update?

I've manually updated by replacing the old \PortableApps\PNotesPortable\App\PNotes folder with the new download. While I cannot answer at to the "pure portability" (ability of the old (latest forum version) launcher to completely clean up, etc.) of this solution, I can say that it is a workable solution for me.

Regrettably, the post-August releases have been few and far between. Patience, patience. Smile

Ryan McCue
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I believe I stole it from John Biggrin

I'm still in a bit of a mess with sorting out this new computer and getting all my documents sorted (plus the fact it appears that ClearType ain't working), but after all that's done, I'll contact the author about it.

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to hear that.
(bout pnotes, not bout your pc Wink )

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