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OxygenOffice Portable

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OxygenOffice Portable

There's a great modded version of Openoffice called Oxygenoffice. Can it be made portable and released alongside Openoffice, just like Kompozer is with NVU?

John T. Haller
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The mod isn't that popular and doesn't add a whole lot to that you can't add yourself (so you could also add it to Portable). The developer behind the project also violated SourceForge's Terms of Service for well over a year by improperly packaging and hosting Java within his packages, so I don't know that I'd want to be associated with that.

Is it the clipart or fonts you're interested in? Perhaps we could package some add-ons for Portable that would be useful.

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Great Idea

I for one would like that. Anyone else?


Patrick Patience
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I like clip art. And his looked decent when I looked at a while back.

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Templates for Impress


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Perhaps, but not what I'm looking for

I like the clip art and templates too, but you can use extensions in OpenOffice Portable to get that, so it seems like a waste of time. I was looking more into the features that were due not in extensions.

However, the Oxygenoffice team is interested in making it portable themselves, after I asked. If someone wants to help a little, they could tutor them. I'm just going to send them a link to the "Development" page on this site and to the Openoffice Portable code.

Ryan McCue
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I can

You can contact me via my contact page if you wish. However, do note that it won't be officially hosted here and the team will need to host it (and probably maintain it) themselves.

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Sent you an email.

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Fonts - Clipart - Templates for Impress

I would certainly be interested in additional fonts, clipart, and perhaps templates for Impress.

In fact - (newbie question perhaps) is there a way to get OpenOfficePortable to recognize the installed system fonts? It doesn't appear to do so. If it could recognize the system fonts that would be terrific. I like to run portable apps even on my own desktop just to keep the registry clean.

Back to the original question - yes - fonts and clipart - good idea.

Thanks for all you do!

John Roope

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It usually does..

recognize system fonts.If you have some special fonts portable, use

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The OxygenOffice templates and Extension can be downloaded from the OpenOffice web site.

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