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Portable X server

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Portable X server

Edit: Here's a better application for this:

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How does this work?

I think this is a fantastic idea, but I'm having a little trouble getting it to work. When running it in multi-window mode, I don't get any sort of window whatsoever, although the program is definitely running (as evidenced by a glance at the task manager). In fullscreen mode, the screen is covered by a black-gray background, but doesn't allow me to do anything besides quit.

This may be due to the fact that I'm trying this from a school machine (in which I don't have administrative rights), so I'll try it again when I get home. But is there something special that I'm not doing correctly?

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Re: How does it work

That is correct. In multiwindow mode, the program runs in the background and displays an icon in the taskbar.

To use, you would open Putty or SecureCRT and connect to the *nix machine of your choice (make sure you enable X forwarding). From the remote machine run the program you want. If you want to run just one application, ie mozilla, then just type mozilla, single applications run best in multiwindow mode.

If you want to run a whole KDE/Gnome session type kdeinit / gnome-session respectively. A complete session is best run under full screen mode. When you are in full screen mode, press alt-tab to switch to other programs.

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So if I tinkered with this,

So if I tinkered with this, I could get something like Remote Desktop off my home Linux box, without knocking off the user currently seated in front of this?

If that's what it is, I'm love it!

» PortaSoft

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That is correct, but you

That is correct, but you don't need to tinker with it at all, you just run it. As far as the X server goes, all you need to do is choose whether to use multiwindow or fullscreen. Here's all it takes:

- Run X (fullscreen)
- Start Putty
- PuTTY: Type in your machine's ip
- PuTTY: Scroll down to X11, click "Enable X11 forwarding"
- PuTTY: Connect, put your user/pass
- PuTTY: type "gnome-session" to start gnome, or, "kdeinit" to start kde

(to move out of the fullscreen mode press alt tab)

Edit: I think i started this discussion in the wrong forum, and admin please move this thread to the apropriate forum. Thanks

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Thank you!

This is a great portable app!

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Very cool

Thanks for sharing this.

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