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WinFF Portable (Testers Needed)

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WinFF Portable (Testers Needed)

I just finished writing a (very) simple launcher for WinFF, a GUI front-end for the FFMPEG command-line video encoder. I was having some trouble with the NSIS installer, so it's a ResHacked 7-Zip SFX archive instead. Also, the launcher is written in AutoIt3. Everything has been UPXed. The source is included in the WinFFPortable\Other\WinFFPortableSource directory. The download is just over 5MB. Enjoy! Wink


EDIT: I forgot to include a link to the source of WinFF. It's written in Free Pascal/Lazarus and is available here:

WinFF Downloads Page

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I'll try it

But does it lack any of features from the standard version

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i cant get the link 2 work...

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

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Winff works great.. I am

Winff works great.. I am using it since it's last update..

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