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An windows movie maker alternative.

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An windows movie maker alternative.

I need an movie maker program that has an interface like windows movie maker (simple drag and drop on a timeline, live preview, and so on). It cannot depend on windows media player (it broke) and preferably open source. I found Jashaka, but it requires 3 other programs to function. Oh, and I'm planning to portableize it. P.s. what would happen if your were to copy it onto a flash drive?

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Fine, I'll try.

I'll do some searching (WIKIPEDIA, HERE I COME!!!)
edit: (Jahshaka) seems to be the best bet, but as you said it would be hard to make all 4 programs needed portable.
I'll keep looking...

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What are the programs that

What are the programs that Jahshaka requires in order to run? It looks like it can run on its own?

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There's Jahskaka and JahPlayer, and then it needs the OpenLibraries, and then I think some dependency like GTK, but I may be wrong.

Edit: Yea, looks like it needs GTK, and then there's an install for 'OpenAl' and then MLT.

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