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RapidSVN Updates

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Neil Whitworth
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RapidSVN Updates

I have been looking to set up a USB thumb drive with a full set of apps for web development. Everything was fine till it came to a subversion client. I found this copy of RapidSVN, which seamed to be the answer.

Unfortunately I had problems setting it up to use either ssh+svn, or https urls.

I finally found out that it is incorrectly handling swapping between the portable subversion settings and those of other subversion clients already installed on my PC.

I have fixed this, and also added some code to handle the drive letter changing (Taken from portable Putty)

How can I turn this into a .paf.exe? and get it hosted somewhere?

Ryan McCue
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Download any program from here (I'd go with the most recently updated, which is Firefox Portable. Copy PortableAppsInstaller.nsi and the .jpg file into your Other\Source\ folder. Edit the .nsi and compile it.

And, I'd host it for you, but I've got major server issues and can't upload. Sad

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Neil Whitworth
Last seen: 16 years 5 months ago
Joined: 2008-01-04 19:13

Thanks for the pointers.. I now have an installer that seams to work.

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Where can we download it Neil?

Hi Neil. Thank you for the app. I really need a portable svn client.

Btw, where can we download it? Thanks.

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Sourceforge FTW!

Go with Sourceforge for hosting. A human has to authorize your account on their end, but once that's done, you're good-2-go.

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