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Bad Upgrade

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Bad Upgrade

Every time Firefox downloads the newest upgrade it is bad. When the upgrade is finished and I start the program, the File Edit View text shows up, and half of the address bar, but entire page is transparent and those things listred above are the only things visible. Nothing else shows on my screen. Is anyone else having this problem? And what can I do to ensure turn off the auto-download. I have reloaded Port. Firefox several times, but every time it wants to upgrade and I never have a choice, so I have to erase the files and re-unzip them back into the folder.... Thanks for any help. -D.G.

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I've been dealing with the

I've been dealing with the same thing for the past two weeks. I've had to rease and reinstall FireFox numerous times. Right this moment it seems to be working, but we'll see.

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Is Portablefirefox doing bad

Is Portablefirefox doing bad upgrades when its installed on the harddrive too?
What I tried was unzipping the Portable Firefox 1.5 to the harddrive of my computer, and doing the upgrade while the Portable Firefox was still on the harddrive. After getting Firefox upgraded to 1.5.1 I would then move the PortableFirefox folder from the harddrive to my usb. try that out coldfuzhion

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