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VLC: Unable to open relative path in XSPF playlist

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VLC: Unable to open relative path in XSPF playlist

Saving playlist in XSPF format stores the absolute file paths by default in VLC. To make it portable, I have created my XSPF playlist with relative paths including only the filename itself between the <location> tags as the playlist file is in the very same directory as the media files. The validator at said it's OK, but VLC gives the error message:

Unable to open 'video001.avi'

I've also tried <location>file://video001.avi</location> and <location>"video001.avi"</location>, but still kept on responding error messages instead of playing the files.

Is it the syntax that is wrong? (If it is so, why did the Spiff validator accept it?)

(Windows XP; VLC Portable 0.8.6c)

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Your version is broken

Google or the app's website should be the first place you check for help with issues like this. I found the above info using Google in about 3 minutes.

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