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Allway Sync-n-Go PAF not opening in Portable Apps Menu

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Allway Sync-n-Go PAF not opening in Portable Apps Menu

I got allway sync-n-go (PAF) and I installed it and found that the icon showed up in the menu but clicking said icon yielded no results.
I have the newest version installed.

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Contact the developer on

Contact the developer on whatever website you downloaded that from. I've never heard of it.

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Its not really paf

It doesn't have the folder structure, nor is the launcher source included.
If I find the time I'll test its portability.


Seems like it leaves nothing behind except 3 registry entries:

HKCU\Software\Siber Systems
HKCU\Software\Siber Systems\RoboForm

But thats no big deal. Not even a small one Smile

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Use starter file from previous version

If available use AllwaySync'n'Go.exe from version 6.2.5 and copy it to "\PortableApps\Allway Sync 'n' Go\". This works for me.

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Just edit the AllwaySync'n'Go.ini file

It's a minor problem with the ini file
Just go to
"drive":\PortableApps\Allway Sync 'n' Go
and edit with notepad the file AllwaySync'n'Go.ini
Change "Allway Sync 'n' Go"
to "PortableApps\Allway Sync 'n' Go\Allway Sync 'n' Go"
That should do the trick

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I used that

It works for some days but then stopped working...

Plus, when your drive letter change you have to configure all over again...

Not recommended...

Use Toucan instead

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where can download paf format allways sync 5.0.6?

where can download paf format allways sync 5.0.6?


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It's not a real .paf.exe It's a 7-zip file that extracts to a bloated 14M directory. HACKS!!!!!

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