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address file on USB-Stick with %pdrive%

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address file on USB-Stick with %pdrive%

I want to open the file E:\foo.htm in my portable Firefox (also on E:\) and save it as bookmark using %pdrive% insted of E:\. So that when I connect to a different machine (where my Stick might be F:\) I can reopen the file from the bookmarks folder.

All my attempts using something like
in the address bar of the firefox have not succeeded.

It would be great, if you could help.

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I dont know

if thats possible.
I don't know of any variable pointing to the usb drive. I guess you´d have to set it up by recompiling the Firefox Launcher so you have it while running Firefox.
But maybe there is someone else who knows something...

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Firefox doesn't recognize

Firefox doesn't recognize environment variables.


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Homepage yes, Bookmark no

Welcome to, mpref.

You could set it as your local homepage (or as a part of a set of tabs as your homepage) and the launcher will handle that for you. But you can't do it as a bookmark to my knowledge.

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