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[Theme] Star Trek Console

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[Theme] Star Trek Console

Hello all Smile

Here my 1st theme :

Name : Star Trek Console v1.01
Size : 428x573 px
PAM-Mod : R30 - R31 but i think it can run with R25 Blum

==> Here Preview & Download

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The first cut is the deepest, and the first theme is your baby, and you will love it 'til you're dead Wink
Many guys tried to make themes in LCARS-style, even for PAM. And you got the courage to bevel it. respect! It mustn't be a fault; I like it. you also styled it pastel-colored, that's pretty good.
Fine work!
I'm curious about your next theme.

ps: I've ever wanted to create a theme looks french. But there's no cliché I havn't found in my brain (same to canadians :-)) Any ideas?

Life is crunchy, anywhere

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Great job on the theme

Great job on the theme MadChat!

To MrElchbau:

Disclaimer : No disrespect is meant by the following clichés, they are simply phrases I've heard or topics that have been discussed.

For the French theme, there is a saying I've heard "First gear on a French war tank is Reverse, on their faster military vehicles it's labeled 'Run Away'"

For the Canadian theme, do something hockey related.

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705

Zach Thibeau
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unless he meant French Canadian in which make it a tribute to Jean Chretién he was the most french person you'll ever meet Biggrin (probably the most made fun off next to Stephen Harper our current Prime Minister)

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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MrElchBau already joked at me in an earlier post. And we summed up the post with lumberjack, hockey, cold, syrup, and maybe some others. Blum

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Uh uh uh

Don't know you're reading this thread.
Really, I like canadians.
I like you.
Won't say any bad words.
Won't bother you.
Please forgive me.
My simple excuse: I'm a devil Wink

Life is crunchy, anywhere

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Great Theme!!

I used this theme on mod31 (didn't know about mods until I found this theme, and had fun trying to install the theme on unmodded PAM) and it works great...

I did make one little alteration---I added the words "CLOSE LCARS" (using Paint program) in the rectangle that actually closes the menu...

Otherwise, great theme!!!

aka Major PITA... ask me what it means, as you will be amused...

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