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Directory selection interface - why not based on "include" method

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Directory selection interface - why not based on "include" method

Selecting the directories to backup (or sync) by a way of defining a (single) parent directory and then excluding all the non relevant directories under it is not only not convenient but rather makes this wonderful utility useless for me.

I'm not the one who decides the directory structure on the company server, and since defining the highest possible parent directory (whole file server) and then excluding tons of directories under it is not really feasible for my case...

well, i was wondering if the selection method of directories to be backed-up could be on a "include" rather then "exclude" basis.
so i can simply put in the directory path to each directory i want to backup, along with something to signify whether to include sub-directories or not.

thanks in advance

This util looks amazing. I wish i could use it Sad

Steve Lamerton
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will be able to do this in version 2.

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I'm glad that this is being included.
Currently at work I copy my whole drive to the hard disk to improve the performance.
I'd rather just copy a subset of the drive, firefox, keepass and a few others.


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