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AnVir Task Manager Free

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AnVir Task Manager Free

# Name of the program
AnVir Task Manager Free

# Website for the program

# Description
Utility software that gives users a comprehensive set of tools to put them in full control of their computer.
It gives you detailed information about every process that is running, and about applications running automatically on Windows startup including all hidden applications.

Freeware process and startup manager. Remove spyware and optimize performance. Monitor and manage processes, services, internet connections, DLLs, drivers. List of startup programs and all Windows services. Alerts on new startups. Icons in tray for CPU usage, memory load and disk load. Hide windows to system tray. Quick access to last launched programs in tray. Automatically change process priority, permanently block undesired processes. Attractive user interface.

# License (e.g. Freeware, Open Source, GPL,

# Other
Works on all version of Windows
400K only.
It is good replacement for Windows Task Manager, Sysinternals Process Explorer, Winpatrol, and so on.
Last release 2008/01

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It's not OSS

It's not OSS

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Says it is portable
You may freely redistribute anvir.exe file as portable app. 
In order to store program settings, place empty anvir.ini 
in the folder with anvir.exe. 

So John couldn't (currently) distribute a Portablized version from SourceForge, but it would be legal for a portablized version to be created and hosted elsewhere.


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It's OK

I asked AnVir Software.
They answered that it is freeware and thay encourage distribution of AnVir Task Manager Free in any form.

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Glad you have their

Glad you have their permission, however, it cannot be distributed on SourceForge, which is where all downloads are currently hosted. SourceForge allows only open source software to be uploaded to it.

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. . . and it wouldn't be paf

. . . and it wouldn't be paf compliant.

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