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How can i make any app portable?

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How can i make any app portable?

Can we make any app portable eg Autocad, Photoshop etc? And if we can, which is the proper way to do it.

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To make any program portable

To make any program portable you can use Mojopac (
It's simply a program that redirect all settings like windows registry, appdata, program files, etc, etc to your pendrive...
But you must open Mojopac and install your program inside mojopac desktop.
Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian and never cursed an english class...

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Welcome to the site...

You're asking possibly the most-asked question!
Like in most sites that have a forum, it is expected that you search through the site to see if you are the first person to ask a question - it helps keep the number of posts down, and it's likely that you will find your answer without having to wait.

I realize that most people tend to ignore the fine print, but when you posted, there was a paragraph at the top of the page. The first line is:

"If you have a question, please be sure to check the Support page, application main page, FAQ in the app's support forum and search before posting."

It also refers you to the Forum Guidelines, which again ask you to search the site.

One of the things that is mentioned also is that the site does not support modifications of closed source apps (like Photoshop, or AutoCAD).
However, there is at least one method on the site to make any app portable. It is intended for people to modify free and open source apps, but nobody can stop you from using it however you will. Bear in mind, though, that if you try to make a portable Photoshop, and something goes wrong, you won't get much support here.

Give a couple of the apps here a try, though. I've moved from some of my bought-and-paid-for apps to Portable Apps because I found the free ones equal or superior!

Finally, I'll give you a head start in the search.
The process for creating a portable app calls itself a "template".

Good luck, and again, welcome to the site!

P.S. Also, it's good to check the "Recent Posts" pretty often...

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How can i make Internet Explorer 7 full portable?
Pleeeeeease, help! Sad

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Greetings and Welcome to

Greetings and Welcome to Smile

Your cross post of 3:49pm has been removed.
Please don't post the same post in multiple threads or hijack other threads. It is bad form Sad

In answer to your question:
1. I don't think it is possible for us to make IE7 portable.
2. I don't think we would be allowed to even if we could.
3. This site generally only deals with Open Source Software, which IE7 is not.

Best wishes,

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4. Firefox is a great browser, and at the moment is really all there is, so I'd suggest giving it a shot, and you'll probably begin to like it.

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I know!

I know, but i NEED IE7 port.
I like it and i need IE7 at my work, my boss like it... that's problem!
Sorry for my bad english Wink

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I know that's possible! like

I know that's possible!
like thinstall working. + files wich needed for IE7 work and + memories folder in this conteiner!
By the way, Opera USB ver. - GARBAGE in the system
Mozilla - need to BIG resources of memory on Pc!!!
I'm used this applications...

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Duplicate Topic Deleted

The additional topic you posted on this was deleted. Please refrain from multiple posting as it is considered bad form and is against the rules here.

We can not make IE7 portable with its data. While you may be able to do so by using warez or hacked software, that's not what we do here. Distributing something like that would also be 100% illegal. This site focuses on legitimate development of legal apps.

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Not to Start Anything

I understand everyone has there preference, but you can't just point out the faults you notice in other browsers, when IE may have its faults as well.

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Not in this site

New user, as you can see in our Still-on-Development FAQ On #Can you make [app] portable? an app to be made portable must be:

  • OpenSource
  • Not tied to the system

which IE is not. Portabilization trough Thinstall is illegal as nobody has 5000$ for a license.
Please use an OpenSource browser like Firefox (get user agent switcher addon for pretending to be IE), as we can't Portabilize IE neither we are allowed.

I finally got to direct an user to the FAQ!!!

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I'm understand!

Ok, I'm understand!
I'm just don't have time for reading FAQ about license.... and legal...
With my english this will be long...

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