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FileZilla: Why?

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FileZilla: Why?

I'm just wondering why there's a need for a "portable" version of FileZilla. Filezilla is already pretty portable by itself since you can store the settings in an XML file. The only thing that isn't real portable is the ability to specify which directory to start in (since the drive letter might be different on each PC)... I'm perfectly happy with a regular version of FileZilla on my USB drive.

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Few Reasons...

1. Smaller: Portable FileZilla removes the uninstall and debug files (relatively trivial) to save 6.6MB and then UPX compresses the whole app (not as trivial) to save another 3.3MB

2. Settings backup: This is mainly of use to the suite. The XML file is backed up from the Apps\PortableFileZilla\filezilla directory to the Data\PortableFileZilla\settings directory on every launch, so you can just back up the Data directory and subfolders to get backups of all your apps' settings.

3. Shortcut/Launcher: There's a lot to be said for not having to browse into the actual application directory every time you want to launch a program. Hoping in to PortableApps and having a launcher next to all your other ones is handy.

I made no secret that this is what I call a "light" portable transformation on FileZilla, but there's enough of an advantage for me to have the portable version. Of course, you're welcome to use the standard version.

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I was actually going to

I was actually going to email you about the exact thing. But then I thought it was probably because it has a reduced file size, and doesn't "kill" pen drives as fast. I guess I was pretty much right.

I have a portable 5GB HDD, which gives me too much space. Still useful for smaller pen drives though.

- Chris, Portable Apps List

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